Dawn Riley

Topics: The A-Team, Leadership, Mr. T Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: February 18, 2013
CEO of America True, Dawn Riley, faces several issues of various criticalities that require careful decision making. The preeminent decision that Dawn Riley faces is whether or not to spend limited funds and resources on upgrading Tag, their training boat. Concurrent with that decision, Dawn is facing several other issues and challenges that need to be addressed. In order to address each of the challenges, a standard issues matrix used below highlights the severity of an issue and the likelihood of it requiring immediate or drastic action.

Red: Critical and require immediate management action or decisions Yellow: Lesser critical nature, requiring monitoring of controls to ensure that controls stay in place and does not lead to a more critical ranking. Orange: Lesser critical nature, requiring monitoring of controls and process improvement. Maroon: Issue of a least critical nature – more related to Operational Housekeeping then control concerns. Issue Analysis

The issues are divided into two primary areas, leadership and technical. The technical issues include design changes and costs, determining the A-Team, how to manage constructability reviews between the sailing team and the design team, and funding challenges. Each of these issues has a technical solution that can be managed through a process or controls change. The former area, leadership, deals with Dawn Riley’s role in the team and how she shepherds the America True team through these challenges and are solved through adjusting leadership styles. Technical Issues:

Funding: Part of Dawn Riley’s role is to prioritize the available budget and to seek new sources of funding. This is a constant source of strain as re-design efforts take additional funding as “there was a common perception that syndicates with unlimited resources could “outgrunt” other syndicates by making limitless adjustments. This issue is critical and requires constant management oversight and controls. The action here...
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