Dawn Argese Apple Inc

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  • Published: February 16, 2013
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Case Analysis Template

Note: Use additional page(s), if needed, for any of the following sections . . . Dawn Argese Apple Inc
(There seemed to be less ratios this time. Am I correct or did I miss something?) Important facts in this case (company, industry, competition, etc)?The company dropped “computer” from its name in 2007, reflecting its role as a consumer electronics powerhouse.Apple generated approximately $625 of revenue from each of the 40 million iPhones it sold in 2009. It generated $164 of revenue for every iPod sold, $1,279 for every Mac, and $665 for every iPadIn 1983, Apple entered the Fortune 500 at #411 after being in existence for only five years, making it the fastest growing company in history.Most PC manufacturers were rivals to Apple, like Dell, Alienware, Gateway etc. but of course you can also factor in Microsoft as a rival to their Operating System (OS X/XP).But in recent years they have branched out considerably, into online media (iTunes, MobileMe, iPhone) so you can factor in Napster and other legal music download sites, Hotmail and Gmail, and Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and alike.Also, they rival in the server markets with HP, Sun, SGI and IBM with regards to High Performance Computing, Webserving, Centralised storage (which also brings further rivals like Brocade and Sanrad).There's also networking, the Airport lines now rival Cisco, Netgear and alike.So, they now have a very diverse range of products, and there are many rivals that are fighting with Apple in those markets.| Environmental & Competitive Scan|

External factors outside the direct control of the company, but which affect the company. External factors create opportunities and threats to which the company must respond. (e.g., political, demographic, environmental, political, global, legal)Economic DepressionHigh Inflation RateWeb PiracyMusic Download sites other than I-tunesShort Product Lifecycle| Competitive factors that impact the company (e.g., nature...
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