Dawah-Prophetic Methodology

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Da’wah is compulsory on every Muslim in world. This activity has been done over a long time ago by our Prophet and his Companions. As a Muslim, it is made obligatory upon us to continue this journey by inviting others (non-Muslims) to Islam. This report presents the information about the Perceptions of non-Muslims to Islam. This survey was conducted on April 2013. The purpose of this survey is to investigate the views or opinions of non-Muslims and how deep is their understanding on the teachings of Islam. The data was collected from non-Muslims by giving them questionnaires relating about Islam. There are 5 questions to be answered. The respondents are mostly young adults from different walks of life, different culture and religion. They are mostly respondents from the area of Klang Valley. We purposely choose the following respondents from the city area as to study how well educated these people are on the teaching of Islam, given the fact that they have many access to know more on the religion.

Literature Review
Most Common Questions About Islam
Dr. Zakir Naik
The book, “Most Common Questions about Islam is written by Dr. Zakir Naik who is a medical doctor graduated from the University of Mumbai. He is recognized as an expert in comparative religion and has dedicated his life since 1991 towards missionary works (dakwah).This book expounds interesting debates and dialogues with the non Muslims. Indeed Islam is a religion of peace and was sent as a mercy to all Mankind. Nevertheless, Islamophobia which is a deep and fear or hatred against Islam is at a worrying state. Hence there is a dire need for the Muslims to address this issue positively towards the non Muslims. This book aims to clear the misconceptions and negative thinking that may arise among the non Muslims. It attempts to explain Islamic concepts and interpret their meanings in contemporary debates .I believe that the book strives to enhance one’s understanding on the Islamic concepts and teachings. In the Quran it is stated in the following verse of Surah an-Nahl “Invite all to the way of your Lord,with wisdm and beautiful preaching,and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious!” (16:25)

It is not sufficient to convey only the positive nature of Islam to the non Muslims but it is also our responsibilities to answers some of their questions that have lingered around at the back of their minds. And some of these questions can be actually answered with logical replies .It is believed that With due respect to the author, Dr. Zakir Naik, this book has been divided into the 20 chapters , each chapter dedicated to issues commonly asked by the non Muslims . One of the questions commonly asked are: All religions teach people to be righteous, then why follow Islam? To answers this question the book begins by stating the major differences between Islam and other religions. It is indeed true that Islam share the same characteristic whereby it upholds righteousness eschew evil. But Islam goes beyond that. Islam provides guidelines towards achieving righteousness and eliminating evil. Islam is portrayed as a comprehensive religion where it has practical solutions to for the problems of mankind. Thus Islam is a best way of life because it is a practical and universal religion not confined to specific tribe, ethnic group or nationality. As such, the book has successfully answered fundamental questions on certain prohibitions in Islam. For instance, the author gives room for the readers to ponder upon his logical debates on the prohibitions as he included the rationale of prohibition both from the Islamic perspective and logical perspective.

We believe that this book is a great and a reliable guide for the non-Muslims out there searching for the true Islam. It also may clear some misconceptions due to their distorted...
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