Davy Crockett Adventures

Topics: Davy Crockett, Battle of the Alamo, The Alamo Pages: 2 (825 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Perhaps no other figure in American history has been more portrayed in myth and legend then Davy Crockett. He was among the most famous of the colorful characters of the American West. Generations of children grew up on his stories. He had a larger-than life image, with his coonskin cap and the rifle he called “Old Betsy.” He took many different roles during his life and was described as legendary reality he was a hero because he was a good leader and a story teller, he was a smart man, he volunteered to help the Texans at the Alamo and became subject to many legends. A coward is someone who shows dishonorable fear or lacks courage to meet danger. (Merriam-Webster’s dictionary pg16) Over the years the death of Davy Crockett has stirred up much controversy. The question of whether he died a coward has caused much debate. Those that have seized upon the stories of Crockett’s surrender as proof that an American hero was actually a coward appear unaware of the laws of war in the 19th century, which prescribed acceptance of surrender. (Lind’s, pg1-8) All that is certain is that Davy Crockett did in fact die at the Alamo on March 6, 1836. How someone died doesn’t make them a coward. How they lived is what’s important. Davy Crockett didn’t lack coward or show fear. Crockett went to Texas for a new start and to help Texans win their independence from Mexico. Texas was not a state when Davy moved there in 1835. Spain claimed Texas for three centuries starting in the early1500’s (Fradin,pg7) This situation caused tension between the U.S settlers and the Mexico government.(Freeney,pg17) Crockett was from Tennessee and he had no obligation to Texas but he still volunteered to help them. He arrived at the Alamo, which was a church settlement or mission built by the Spaniards to teach the Indians about Christianity years before. His presence at the Alamo boosted the defenders morale. His status as a national celebrity and his good human made him a leader at the Alamo. The...
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