David, a Godly Leader, & a Great Man of God

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“David, A Godly Leader & A Great Man of God”

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1 What Does It Actually Mean to Be a Godly Leader?

How do you acknowledge a Godly leader? Is it someone ordained by a remarkable Baptist church? Is it someone with a title or an eminent position? Is it someone with noteworthy speaking ability or immeasurable sophistication? Is it someone with outstanding spiritual gifts? Is it someone with a large succession? Does the Bible list any of these as qualities of a Godly leader? Godly leaders are expected to serve others and to also choose to sit at the lowest seat at a feast. A servant of the Lord does not seek status or fulfillment of his or her own personal desires. Also, a servant does not seek recognition for his or her good works. Instead, a servant of the Lord lets their actions speak for themselves and tries their best to love, honor, and serve God in all ways possible. “Leaders do not seek to rule over anyone, and they do not persist on having authority over others or the works in which he or she participates. Leaders should rightfully acknowledge that all authority has been given to God, and that they have authority only through the power given to us by Christ.”1

“A Godly leader accepts weaker members of the body and helps them along the way as needed. When a group climbs a mountain, they rope themselves together. They move at the speed of the slowest person, dictating that the stronger help the weaker if greater speed is wanted. Godly leaders don’t reject dysfunctional members of Jesus’ body. They try to help those people become healthy, mature, functional members-- members who unselfishly love others, involve themselves in the work of the kingdom and prepare to become leaders themselves. Godly leaders further distinguish themselves from the worldly model by sharing the ________________

1Halpern, Barch. “David’s Secret Demons,” 65.
2 role with others in the body as the others become able. Some lead in the areas of their natural abilities received from God, some by demonstrating behaviors that please God, some by imparting wisdom and knowledge from God, some by exercising gifts of the Holy Spirit, some by encouraging others in that exercise. The list goes on, each leading in a different way. All are unique, according to God’s will, and all provide models for those who follow Christ daily.”2 Introduction

David was man of many things. He was a shepherd boy, the slayer of Goliath, was mentored by Saul, the second king of Israel, the man who committed the dreadful sin of murder in order to marry his beloved Bathsheba, an author to many of the Psalms, and was the man whom was made after the heart of God. However, with all this accounted for, David was first and foremost, a servant of God. Because David lived during Old Testament era and continually lived a life that reflected both good fruit as well as bad fruit, all humanity can learn from his life experiences. Everyone that knows anything about David knows that he was not above evil intent. Although, that is true, he was still one of the greatest men of the Bible in the Old Testament. David always wanted to please and bring honor and glory to God in all that he did. Meaning, it was the desire of his heart for God to always be forever pleased with David for all he did in his life. So, knowing that David did much greatness for God along with much dishonor, David was still able to find much favor in the eyes...
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