David Reimer's Sex Reassignement

Topics: Male, Female, Sex organ Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: November 18, 2010
From the day we are born, we are genetically structured in the formation of our body, our actions, our emotions and our behavioral patterns. In certain and small examples does nurture play a part to influence our lives. In the video, one key point that resulted in the lack of success of David Reimer’s sex reassignment was that it was very important for David that he acknowledges himself as a girl for the “brainwash” to work. However David never got the surgery to replace his male sex organ with a female sex organ. Hence David never really defined himself as a girl. He was just being told he was a girl. But as his mind matured, the inevitable truth, conflicting with nurture, unfolded and led to dramatic consequences. It is unethical to go against nature as that would be doing things against the subconscious mind that has already mapped out our behavioral patterns.. Plus, the doctor took advantage of the kids, used them as guinea pigs for his experiment and later on published a book about his false discovery without even the boys’ approval. As a parent I would accept my child and allow nature to take its course. I would give him or her total moral support to do whatever it takes to make him or her happy. If I came across a case like David Reimer, there is no way I would come up with the idea of altering the sex of my child and hide it from him. That is just so wrong. I would just let my boy be a boy. I would rather have my boy have a damaged penis and raise him like a normal boy than have my boy get a sex change and feel guilty about making such a big decision that shouldn’t be mine to make in the first place.
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