David Nickdao Furniture Case Analysis

Topics: Furniture, Marketing, Decorative arts Pages: 39 (6262 words) Published: March 9, 2013

Olongapo-Gapan Road, Betis, Guagua, Pampanga

Submitted by:
Ablaza Eduardo D.
Amurao Laila G.
David, Dean M.
De Leon, Melchor S.
Espino, Jean J.

This Integrated Plant Survey was prepared in partial fulfillment of the Requirement of the

101st Manager’s Course
December 15, 2012

Table of contents

I. Acknowledgement

a. Purpose of the Report

b. Company Background

II. Executive Summary

a. Summary and Findings

b. Recommendations

1. Short-Term Recommendation

2. Long –Term Recommendation

III. Findings and Analysis

A. Marketing Management

1. Finding and conditions

a. Market Conditions

b. Company Sales Performance

c. Competition

d. Sales Forecast

e. Product Lines


2. Recommendations

B. Production Management

1. Finding and analysis

a. Plants Location / Lay out

b. Production Process

C. Human Resource Management

1. SWOT Analysis

2. Finding Analysis

3. Recommendation

D. Financial Management

1. Findings and Analysis

a. Records and Bookkeeping

b. Cash and Credit Management

c. Cost and Calculation and Pricing

d. Budget Control

e. Financial Condition of the Firm

2. Recommendations

a. Suggested Financial records

1. Disbursement Book

2. Sales Book

3. Cash receipts Book

4. Trial Balance

5. Estimated Balance Sheet

6. Estimated Sales and Income for YR2012

7. Planned Sales and Income for the next Three Years

IV. Figures, Tables and Annexes

a. Summary and Evaluation by Functional Areas

b. Suggested Designs for Sala Set

c. Suggested Designs for Dining Set

d. Suggested Design for Bed / Headboard

e. Sample Design for Console Table

f. Sample Design for Dresser Cabinet

g. Sample Website for Advertisement Channel


We express our deepest gratitude to the Top Management of UPISSI for the invaluable guidance and support. We are very grateful to David-Nicdao family and their company for accepting us to assess and evaluate their company for us to complete this IOSA report.

We would like to thank our program coordinator Madam Inday and her assistant Madam Loida for their unwavering support during the entire 101 Managers Course.

We express our sincere thanks to all lecturer and/or resource speaker who shared with us their expertise and talent given during the entire course.

We would also like to thank our coach Ms. Bless for her support during the preparation of this IOSA report. We also thank all the staff member of UPISSI for their help in making this 101 Managers Course a successful.

Finally, we take this opportunity to extend our deep appreciation to our colleagues for all the things they have done to us during the crucial times of the completion of 101 Managers Course.


a. Purpose of the Report

The purpose of this report is to show the Findings, Analysis and Recommendations in Marketing Management, Production Management, Human Resource Management and Financial Management of David-Nicdao Furniture. This report will show the recommendations in a...
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