David Jones Annual Report

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NATIONAL PACKAGING COVENANT – ANNUAL REPORT 2009/10 CEO endorsement David Jones is committed to managing its operations in an environmentally sustainable manner and to investing in robust management systems to ensure confidence and transparency in environmental reporting. This commitment is in recognition of David Jones’ responsibilities to its shareholders, customers and employees, and is consistent with the expectations held by government and the broader community. David Jones’ commitment to the National Packaging Covenant reflects these strategic goals and continues to enhance its ability to reduce the impact that packaging has on the environment. David Jones’ 2007-10 Action Plan and this Annual Report have been developed by implementing processes that identify, quantify and monitor initiatives to minimise the environmental and financial impacts of packaging, carry bags and office waste. David Jones has now achieved all waste minimisation targets and action plan objectives that were due for completion by the end of FY10. Key achievements over the term of the current three-year action plan include: •

a 43% reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill, driven by continuous improvement in recycling rates on cardboard, paper and plastic film; a sustained reduction in the amount of resin used to produce the same number of plastic carry bags; the launch of the David Jones “Community and Environment” webpage which provides information to interested stakeholders about environmental impacts and initiatives, and information about how consumers can recycle packaging at time of disposal; an increasing awareness of David Jones’ buy-recycled clause and the National Packaging Covenant’s Environmental Code of Practice for Packaging; and the initial engagement of David Jones’ top-100 suppliers to help identify opportunities to move towards more sustainable packaging over time.

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I am pleased to submit David Jones’ National Packaging Covenant Annual Report for 2009/10, which confirms these key achievements, and outlines progress against our own action plan and industry-wide key performance indicators. David Jones looks forward to maintaining a constructive dialogue with the National Packaging Covenant and to developing its 2011-15 Action Plan, as it transitions to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Paul Zahra Chief Executive Officer David Jones Limited

DAVID JONES LIMITED ABN 75 000 074 573 ACN 000 074 573

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NATIONAL PACKAGING COVENANT – ANNUAL REPORT 2009/10 Executive Summary David Jones reported sales of $2.053 billion for FY10 and (as at July 2010) employed approximately 9,000 people across 41 locations in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The business submitted its National Packaging Covenant (NPC) Action Plan for the 2007-10 period in July 2007. This annual report provides a status update of initiatives that David Jones committed to in that action plan and outlines key achievements for the 12 months to July 2010. The table below demonstrates that David Jones has: achieved all key NPC targets in relation to lower general waste volumes; and satisfied all of its own objectives scheduled for completion by the end of FY10.

To meet its primary obligation to the NPC, to minimise environmental impacts arising from carry bags and packaging from own-brands and direct imports, David Jones has introduced measures to minimise resource depletion where it has been practical to do so. However, the key focus of David Jones’ action plan has been to minimise the impact that waste material has on the environment after disposal (regardless of its source) and, to that end, the business has implemented recycling systems to divert cardboard, paper and plastic film from landfill. David Jones also has an obligation to work with those branded suppliers that fall outside of the own-brand...
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