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A Quote
In David Foster Wallace’s controversial essay, “Certainly the End of Something, One would Sort of Have to Think,” he writes a very relatable quote, “It’s easy to revile what your parents revere”(53). In this essay I will try to explain to you what this quote really means and give you some examples of situations that may make the quote more relevant to you.

The highly relatable quote, “ Its easy to revile what your parents revere,” seems to mean to me that it is common to hate the things that your parents adore. This quote I believe is made more true and easier to understand when you are in your teens like me and want to be your own person. You might also hate what your parents revere if you just don’t want to play by their rules anymore and be a rebel instead.

There are two major examples of this quote being true in my own life. The first way that I find this to be true would have to be when I was entering the 6th grade. My dad wanted me to join the football team and be a football star like he was in his middle school and high school years, I on the other hand was so sick of hearing about how great he was and how football was the only sport that was really important because it makes you a real man. I did what any kid who has an attitude problem does after hearing this; I joined the soccer and tennis team just for spite.

Another way that the quote rings true for me has to do with music. When I was growing up all I listened to was country music, which at the time I really didn’t mind, but the older I got and the more I heard my parents playing it on the radio, the more I began to criticize it. Right about the time I turned fourteen I stopped listening to country entirely. I even began regarding the singers and fans as incompetent hillbillies who wouldn’t know quality music if it kicked them in the groin.

To summarize I interpreted the quote to mean it is natural for you to want to be a little bit rebellious and try to be a different person...
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