David Ferrer: the Counter-Puncher

Topics: Tennis, Rafael Nadal, Justine Henin Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: May 12, 2013
David Ferrer:
The Counter-Puncher
No matter what age you are, tennis is a compatible sport made for anyone who wants a good workout and a fun experience. People of all walks of life have come to enjoy this sport. Although tennis had began as an aristocratic sport it has grown to be a pleasurable activity for all. The modern game of tennis originated in the 19th century in the UK. Only upper-class Englishmen could play the game but now anyone who can hold a racket is eligible to play. Even men and women in wheelchairs are capable of playing this sport. Also, millions of spectators from around the globe come and watch the games played in the Grand Slam tournaments. For now, however, we’ll focus on a Spaniard who is often considered a counter-puncher; his court position is usually a few feet behind the baseline and he defends really well! Ferrer was born in 1982 in Xabia, Spain. He grew up in a sports family and played a lot of Tennis alongside his brother. He never competed on the ITF Junior Circuit though. A well-known story about him is the fact that his coach, Javier Piles, used to lock him into a dark little room for hours at a time, whenever Ferrer didn’t practice hard enough! David considered quitting Tennis during this time but managed to continue and become one of the world’s best players. Early in his career he was known as a clay court specialist but his game has evolved over the years and he has had some good success on hard courts as well! Ferrer has a very good forehand. This is the shot that he usually pressures his opponents with. Like most Spanish players, he runs around his backhand a lot in order to hit powerful forehands, either inside-out or inside-in. Like most players with a good forehand, he uses a short and compact motion. The majority of the power is generated from the lower body and Ferrer’s leg strength helps him in this regard! The only problem David Ferrer has on the forehand side is that he often hits it with too much topspin and as...
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