David Beckham H&M Super Bowl Commercial

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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David Beckham H&M Super Bowl Commercial

This commercial was advertising David Beckham's new line for body wear available at H&M. The quick 30 second commercial focuses on the iconic beauty that is, David Beckham. Revealing the tattoos all over his body at all kinds of different camera angles, while using the last ten seconds to show David Beckham in a pair of his new underwear from his new line. It focuses on the brand being "David Beckham" labeled on the front waist band and closes the commercial with a smiling Beckham next to the H&M logo. That makes people want to go to H&M right?

1. Who is the target market and what message is being conveyed? The target market for this commercial is male gender because it's David Beckham's line called body wear, and it is designed for men. The message being conveyed is simply, "David Beckham is an athlete, this is his go to underwear... You should wear it too." They don't say that in the commercial obviously, but we all know that is David Beckham's goal. He is known for his athleticism and is promoting underwear. Men typically feel "cool" wearing brand names of men who are drooled over by women all over the world.

2. Why is television an effective medium for this product?
Television is an effective medium for this product because it's more suitable for what H&M is trying to promote. H&M and David Beckham have a much higher chance of his new line being successful when consumers can physically see the product on a live person. New clothing lines don't generally do very well if they're advertised on the radio or in a small section of a newspaper or magazine. Consumers want to see an item "in real life" in a sense. Television is the most realistic approach when it comes to promoting clothing.

3. What techniques are used to attract the viewers attention? The technique used in this commercial is strictly psychological. The commercial uses David Beckham's athletic body to make the underwear look even better and grab the viewers attention. It's all psychological because this commercial is made to get in to your head, "David Beckham designed those AND wears those... I have to try them." It's actually a pretty successful approach when you think about it. Our world is quickly fading in to all the superficiality of celebrities and a lot of people out there want to be wearing what they're wearing when it comes to undergarments, clothing, perfume, jewelry, and the like. Can you think of a big time celebrity who does not have their name on a product? I can't.

4. Is the ad successful? Why?
Of course the ad is successful. The super bowl is long gone, yet everyone is still talking about this commercial. The publicity is on point for this commercial because it has gotten around world wide. As far as successful in sales, I have no idea. As I said before, it's a psychological approach and I'm sure it ended up being rather successful because it's David Beckham! Who wouldn't want to be as fit as him and wear underwear that he designed? I'm thinking it caught almost every woman's attention. If they have a significant other to spoil, they may be on their way to H&M. Also, it may have caught the attention of those men who are very in to sports and being fit, they're always looking for a comfortable fit that accentuates their hard work on fitness.

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