David Beckam Marketing Strategy

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* Introduction
For most people, David Beckham is synonymous with the sport of soccer. Ranking as the 8th highest earning athlete of 2012 with 46$ million. However with his constant presence in the media, like most recently his new contract with French soccer league Paris St.Germain, his global awareness is today more than ever reaching its peak. Throughout the years, using a unique branding strategy, Beckham the Athlete has rapidly established itself as Beckham the Brand. The global phenomena he has become today is the perfect example of a celebrity image exploited to its fullest so as to influence brands and consumers alike who feel they can relate to any of his multiple personalities. The following outline will attempt to underline the essential factors to his success and establish the key factors that have made him the world wide icon he is today.



The concept is to exploit a personality’s influence to promote a brand or image that can attract consumers and incite them to purchase a product. A celebrity, through its status, creates an image around a persona that is easily recognizable and attractive to the public. By way of endorsements and the media this personality is used to modify consumer’s minds through the promotion of a service, product or charity. The concept behind Brand Beckham relies on the multiple facets of his image that allows him to be relatable to a variety of consumer segments. The combination of his status as a world class athlete, family man and fashion star makes him a priceless target for companies spawning from a multitude of categories going from clothing to beauty products, music, film, food, beverages, automobiles, sports gear etc… . In Beckham's case, his global popularity and iconic image has resulted in him adding significant brand value and goodwill to the various companies he is a spokesman for and the multitude of different products and services that he endorses. An endorsement by a celebrity such as Beckham is a surefire way to enhance brand value and awareness by using his credibility and attractiveness to the general public.

Brand strategy
A Brand “is an association that exists in the mind of the consumer that adds value to products and services (Aaker, 1996)”. The brand strategy gives us a look at how Davis Beckham exploits his image to its full potential. The strategy behind Brand Beckham relies on his unique ability to take on multiple brand identities, making him accessible to a vast range of target consumers. For this, his appeal depends on the role and audience he addresses with each particular persona. For the commercial world, he is a commercial chameleon with multiple brand personalities, making him relatable to a variety of segments and adding value to the products and services he endorses. The 3 essential key points to his success are football, fashion and family: First and foremost, his authentic image as a first class athlete football player makes him credible to his core fan base of sports enthusiasts and relatable to the youth generation of today with his “working class boy done good” image. His global appeal attracts sponsors, as he is also an asset for the teams he plays for. U.S soccer team L.A Galaxy saw their tickets sale increase by 64% during the season that Beckham was playing, and also scoring a record braking 20$ Million sponsorship with Herbalife. In the fashion world, his marriage to fashion icon Victoria Beckham is a priceless asset as fashionistas, metrosexuals and even music fans are attracted to his style and evident sex appeal. With his mass appeal generating endorsements ranging from Armani to H&M, the prestigious image of Beckham on their advertisements communicates a positive vision and an effective way to win over consumers. Broadening his opportunities with the fashion dimension of his appeal, his own range of products such as perfumes and sunglasses created alongside his wife Victoria and brand...
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