Dave Shorter Case

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Dave Shorter is a partner within the New Enterprise Group and also serves as Practice Director for the Canadian based accounting firm, a division of industry giant James-Williams International. Dave has been working with and managing Bob Chen. Bob has been with the firm for a few years, passed his certification on the first attempt, and desires a career in the tax division of the industry. Bob makes several requests that he be transferred to the tax division and out of the audit division that he is currently in. Bob does not express himself clearly. Dave declines to move Bob and is under the impression that Bob has agreed. Then, when Bob requests a move again, Dave offers to send Bob to a company paid high quality tax program if Bob remains in audits for another year. Bob agrees. Dave, feeling comfortable with his decision and recognizing Bob's potential success and future value to the firm, attends training over the holidays.

While Dave is gone, Bob is assigned an audit with Softdisk. Bob is not happy. Mike McLeod, the partner who had made the assignment, explained to Bob that this assignment, though an audit, included a lot of tax work that would fit with Bob's career goals. Bob never fully commits to Mike, though Mike is under the impression that Bob has accepted. But, Bob has complained to other staff that he is not going to do the audit and has no plans to. The decision surprises everyone within the firm. Now, Dave must decide if he is going to accept the resignation of Bob or if he is going to transfer Bob to "the Tower," the New Enterprise Group located in Toronto.
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