Dave Chappelle Satire

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Dave Chappelle's comedy has made numerous aspects of American race relations and racial stereotypes subject to ridicule in a manner that has both united and divided. On one hand, his name became synonymous with comedy for the younger generations; on the other, his values caused him to question his own comedy, leading him to effectively terminate his career. “In the Wake of 'The Nigger Pixie': Dave Chappelle and the Politics of Crossover Comedy” by Bambi Haggins demonstrates that Chappelle's comedic style is the result of numerous elements of comedy in the African American community coming together and that it came about as a result of his experiences. It gives and expands upon the reasons that Chappelle left Chappelle's Show and presents them in an optimal setting. Chappelle's roots are established as guiding him through his comedic career, his desire to share his comedy with the masses without accommodating the tastes of the networks or what they would think would be “palatable” to their audiences. Haggins' analysis of Chappelle's comedic style for the duration of Chappelle's Show explains how Chappelle was able to blend older styles of African American comedy into his unique comedic style by using his sketches to support her claims. Haggins knows how to blend this mixture artfully into an essay piquing the interest of others on the topic of Chappelle's career and comedic style. Haggins begins the chapter with a quick explanation of why Chappelle eventually left the show. Chappelle explains that the “loud and long laughter” (233), emanating from one of the white crew members was “the beginning of the end” (233) for him. This depicts the time in his life when he started to think that rather then diluting them, his skits sometimes reinforce these stereotypes. Something he never intended to do. The biggest thing that separated Chappelle’s show from the rest is his seamless ability to achieve the de facto crossover consistently in his show. His gift at...
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