Dave's Burgers

Topics: Diagram, Flowchart, Chart Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Dave’s Burgers Case
Dave’s Burgers is striving to keep up with its competitors in the market. The company constructed drive-through windows at all of its locations in order to increase customer traffic. The company had continuous problems after installing these drive-through windows and actually lost some of its market share to its competitors. The management team selected three locations to test TQM methods. They discovered that the major problem was slow, erratic service at the drive-through windows. After discovering these problems, the management team implemented some changes in all of its locations. These changes brought significant and immediate improvements in service speed and quality and increased their market share by 5% in the Charlotte restaurant.

The management team wanted to ensure that quality service was being maintained and that service time remained fast. The quality team decided to use a statistical process on a continual basis. They then took six service time observations daily over a fifteen day period. This data was then used to construct an x-bar chart and a range chart located below.

By analyzing the data and the charts constructed it can be determined that the process is out of control and does not currently meet design specifications. This means that the process should be further modified in order to seek improvements in service speed at Dave’s Burgers. Some recommendations to help improve service quality and speed include installing debit/credit card machines, giving out incentives to employees that exhibit quality and speedy service, and increasing training. By installing debit/credit card machines, the cashiers will not have to worry about counting out the right amount of change for customers which will improve service speed. This will also improve customer satisfaction because they will not have to stop by their bank to receive cash so that they may purchase a meal from Dave’s Burgers. By giving out incentives to employees...
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