Davao Museum: Displaying Davao's Rich Heritage

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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Davao Museum: Displaying Davao’s Rich Heritage
The people of Davao are a mixture of various migrants and tribes that come from different parts of the Philippines and the surrounding countries. Among the tribes that are present in Davao are the Mandaya, Bagobo, Tiboli, Manobo, B’laan, and Mansaka tribes. The culture and arts of these tribes in Davao are preserved, rehabilitated, and restored in Davao Museum. Visiting Davao Museum is a way to learn and admire more about the cultural heritage of the City of Davao. Davao is considered as a cultural melting pot in the southern part of the Philippines where you will be able to experience the convergence of many arts and cultures of different tribes. Davao Museum is mainly devoted to show the different cultural tribes and other facts and information about the people of Davao and the whole region. The bottom floor of the museum showcased Davao’s timeline. The timeline started from Davao’s earliest existence as a huge piece of molten rock and ends up on the events of the 20th century. It is pretty interesting and fascinating. The main gallery of Davao Museum has various collections of beautiful tribal artifacts such as local costumes, handicrafts, tribal art, jars, looms, and jewelry. Ancient jars called the Martaban jars can also be seen in the museum. Davao Museum has a gallery that is full of sculptures, paintings, and ceramics. Ancient musical instruments of the early tribes in Davao are also shown. Davao Museum is also considered as a private museum because it contains collections that are ethnographical and archaeological that relates to the region of Southern Mindanao. Many personal memorabilia are also found in Davao Museum that came from Davao’s first generation of pioneers. Davao Museum is among the famous museums that are present in the Philippines. The rich collections of Davao Museum will take you back in time and there you will be able to fully understand the soul of Davao City. After touring Davao Museum,...
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