Dauther of Bob Ewell

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Jury, Harper Lee Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Mayella Ewell - daughter of Bob Ewell broke down and burst into tears while being questioned during the time that she spent at the Maycomb Courthouse the other day. The father and daughter pair claimed that Mayella was raped. By who? Tom Robinson they said. Tom Robinson is a Negro so assuredly you can already assure the outcome of this trial because as everyone knows, Maycomb County likes to stay on the safe side. The people of Maycomb like to keep everything constant and same, this meaning that the people of Maycomb are almost all extremely racist. According to Tom Robinson, Mayella Ewell didn’t seem at all like a racist though. Tom claims that he didn’t rape Mayella. He claims that Mayella tried to get him alone and that she tried to kiss him out of not provocation from him or anyone else but just out of her own sheer wanting. Although Tom is being put on trial and going through such a difficult time partly because of Mayella he still will not call her a liar, instead he says: “I say she’s mistaken in her mind” (pg.167). Tom’s story and the Ewell’s story both contradict eachother completely and neither of them match up with one another but it seemed that these two stories are not the only ones that don’t correspond. Strangely enough, Bob and Mayella Ewell both produced two different recollections of what supposedly happened on that November 21st. Mayella’s tears came pouring down as she sat in front of the courthouse full of people. She was extremely shaken up and her story didn’t even make sense anymore. Her voice started to raise and she was soon yelling, somewhat defensively through her tears. "I got somethin' to say an' then I ain't gonna say no more. That nigger yonder took advantage of me an' if you fine fancy gentlemen don't wanta do nothin' about it then you're all yellow stinkin' cowards, stinkin' cowards, the lot of you. Your fancy airs don't come to nothin-your ma'amin' and Miss Mayellerin' don't come to nothin', Mr. Finch”, Mayella shouted...
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