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Topics: Online chat, English-language films, Online dating service Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: March 6, 2013
In my opinion dating sites on the internet is kind of a big risk to take. Like the “safe” dating sites even state it on the site that they may be false identities roaming around and surely lurking around on your photos. I believe that the biggest harm and risk on the dating sites that have users with false identities may be that there is a small chance of a group of pedophiles on the site. It can be large harm to the younger people that are searching for a relationship and they end up with chatting with the wrong person and learning false information about him/her. And nevertheless someday you may want to meet the person you’re talking with and it ends up that he is 40years old and you’re 16. It’s not the only negative effect of dating site. There are some people that are ashamed about how they look so they use another identity to have the courage to talk with you. This is a bad thing and a good thing, but it depends how you take it really. Some people are just after the looks and wealthy people and some others are searching for a special connection with a person so the looks don’t make a bigger difference for them. You can go on forever and finding the wrong and right whit a dating site it would take a long time to go over everything that is bad and good. Like I said before it is good that you can change your identity to have the courage to speak and talk to other people if you’re ashamed of your looks. Sometimes when you are bored you want to talk with people that you don’t know so you could have an opportunity to make a “fake” profile and use fake or real information about yourself and take a random picture of someone on Google or somebody you know. And start chatting with people and have some fun. But even when it’s good it’s also bad. And maybe not possible cause some the sites demands you to type in your personal numbers “Personnummer” and also the last four. So my opinion is if you are using dating sites be yourself and don’t try to change identity....
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