Dating Practices

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Do you feel...
• • • • • • • • • • • Heart broken? Frustrated with relationships? Traumatized from your previous relationships? You attract the “wrong” kind of people? Exhausted about your past loves? Confused about what to do on your next relationship? Anxious about loving someone again? Your love life is zero? It’s so tough to find “The One”? As if you’ve lost hope looking for the right person? You have no other option?

We want to help you...
• • • • • • Attract the “best” people for you Get to know yourself in a more meaningful way Reflect on how you can further improve yourself Find out what you truly want for yourself and what you want in your future partner Paint a picture of the person you want to be with Define the profile of the partner (1) you want; and (2) what suits you based on experience Save time by pre-screening potential partners Build a harmonious, sustainable, and well-thought of relationship that may lead to a mutually satisfying and genuinely happy marriage

• •

We believe that…
• You should never “settle for less” in any relationship • You deserve to be with the “best” person for you • You are unique in your own way; there is surely someone out there who will appreciate you for who you are • You have to learn to love yourself before even thinking about learning to love others • You need to know what you’re getting into before finally committing to it • You have to understand your patterns of behavior, thinking, etc in order to project your desired image that will attract the person you are looking for • You should never lose hope in your quest to find “The One”

• Save time and effort • Avoid having to deal with heartbreaking shocking moments (things you never knew about your partner that you have to know anyway)

• Know what’s best for you • Understand what you’re going through • Go for quality not quantity

The Concept
Customized Dating Introduction

Yes! YEs


Customized Dating is like your friend
who will introduce you to another friend from its DATEBASE (with both parties’ consent).

Basic Criteria to get in the OUR DATEBASE*
• • • • •
• • • •

Must be at least 21 years old Must be Male or Female Must be legally single; If married either annulled or widowed Must be referred by someone we know (no walk-ins) Must go through Steps 1-3 but has to successfully pass the prescreening and actual screening standards No cougars and dirty old men No one night stands, no random flings No hidden agenda to sell products and/or services No fraudulent individuals, scammers, and the like

*We have the right to reject applications should the applicant fail to meet the standards set for the pre-screening phase. Rejected applications are not eligible for Step 3 and beyond.

Getting Started: Pre-Screening
• Step 1: Answer the Basic Info Sheet
• As part of the initial assessment process, you have to fill out our Basic Information Sheet, which serves as our reference and your application form. • Instructions: Please don’t leave anything blank unless it’s not applicable. Indicate N/A accordingly. • Save the file as a Word 1997-2003 Document or as PDF. • The required format for the file name is [Last Name, First Name Middle Initial-Date Accomplished (mm/dd/yyyy)] Please send to  • All the information in this form shall be kept confidential. We shall immediately send you an official confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement once you have sent your form.

Getting Started: Pre-Screening
• Step 2: Answer Tests for Evaluation
• Answer the following tests online:

profiles/apology/ • TEST C: • TEST D:...
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