Dating in the Workplace

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Dating in the Workplace
Executive Summary
The ethical dilemma introduced in this paper is a popular one: Dating in the Workplace. It is an issue that has grabbed the attention of the media, and it has the power to ruin an organization if not dealt with correctly. This paper will raise awareness of the rewards and risks of dating relationships in a work environment. Introduction

Above all, this paper will answer two important questions: What are the primary and secondary ethical issues of concern to corporate leaders? And how are universities addressing these issues? In the first question, the following issues will be addressed in this order: productivity, sexual harassment, reputation, internal effects, and corporate scandals. The second question will address two approaches that universities are handling these ethical issues. The first approach is an assertive approach, and the second approach is a passive approach. Background and Overview

Dating in the Workplace is an issue that needs to be addressed. This paper is presented in such a way that research is the primary factor and source for the writing, while opinion of the writers is not emphasized. The goal of the paper is to present the facts through due diligence and sound research and let the reader decide on their viewpoint and where they stand on the issue. The Primary and Secondary Ethical Issues of Concern to Corporate Leaders Productivity

Relationships in the workplace can put strains on not only work performance but also put strain on the individuals involved. According to former editor of the Harvard Business Review, Eliza Collins, declared in 1983 that when love blossoms between executives, it can "break down the organizational structure" and should be treated as a conflict of interest between the couple and corporation (Loftus, 1995, p.1). Charles A. Pierce tells us that workplace relationships have been argued about and not managerial concerns unless they disrupt job performance (Pierce, 1996, p.14). Pierce goes on to tell us that a few researches on relationships in the workplace actually increasing productivity (Pierce, 1996, p.14). In a research paper by Carolyn I. Anderson and Phillip L. Hunsaker found that nine percent of males and 21% of females showed an increase in productivity, where as 24% of women and 14% of men showed a reduction in productivity with the remaining not showing any change in performance (Anderson, 1985, p.1). Jane Quinn a columnist for the Seattle Post – Intelligencer tells us that about 25% of all individuals involved with work place romance showed a drop in productivity (Jane p1.). So either way you look at romance in the work place it can be a positive event or it can be a negative event.

In the Anderson and Hunsaker Survey 70 percent of the decreased productivity was due to excessive employee chatting, Long Lunches together, and Lengthy discussions behind closed doors (Anderson, 1985, p.1). R. C. Ford and F. S. McLaughlin did a survey about how workplace relations ships not only affect the people involved but also how it affects those around them there findings were that 31 percent of partners agreed that they had a drop in productivity and 39 percent of co-workers said that they feel that they have been affected negatively due to the couples relationship (Ford, 1987, p.105). E. Rapp in survey found similar results with a 42 percent of couples found that there productivity have decreased and 39 percent of co-workers had been negatively affected by the couples relationship (Rapp, 1992, p.59).Although there is a lot of surveys and reports on how personal relationships in the work place have a negative effect on productivity and quality of individuals and their co-workers it is not always negative some times it can be a positive affect.

Just like any other relationships workplace relationships go threw phases, According to the Academy of Management Review article by L Mainiero suggest that the first stage of romance is...
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