Topics: Database normalization, Second normal form, Relational model Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Logical Design, Part II
Marc Espos
CIS 111 – Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems Strayer University

The concept of normalization is to produce a stable set of relations that is cohesive with the daily operations of the enterprise. Following this principle you create a design that is very flexible, which allows the model to be extended when needed. As you continue to implement this concept you will see that it reduces redundancy, which saves space and avoids inconsistencies in data. Also it ensures that the design is free of update, insertion, and deletion of anomalies. The pros for normalization:

* Normalization would cause relational inconsistencies, thus no redundancies * Normalized databases are faster to script and access
* Schema is placed at the highest normal form that is practical and appropriate. * Easier to change and maintain
* A better handle on database security
* Increased storage efficiency
The cons for normalization:
* Use of more joins, thus leading to a poor written query * Functionality of the concept could be difficult and expensive. * Drawbacks in retrieval
Redundancy of data is an inefficient and costly waste of resources. The problems associated with data redundancy as it pertains to effectively using information are data anomalies and corruption. Implementing normalization helps eliminate all these mishaps and proves to be more effective in reporting and analysis. This is possible because normalization allows the model to be extended when needed for new attributes, entities, set, and relationships. As you continue on normalization reduces redundancy, thus saving space and avoids inconsistences in data. The rationale for normalizing a database is to prevent the appearance of anomalies and corruption. If both were present this would lead to several things such as: unable to represent information, lost of information, and have the risk of having data become inconsistence...
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