Dataclear Case Study

Topics: Competition, Competitor analysis, Strategic management Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: November 17, 2012
The competition is part of doing business for the company but until now there was no direct competitor. Opportunity to grasp the situation and overtake a competitor from the correct angle is very important. DataClear business with a product that is high international potential. Launch a global business plan is a great opportunity that no one wants to squander, but in this case, DataClear not kept cool. He launched into a situation recklessly impulsive. The plan is to grow globally, not because of reactive strategic but brings great chaos, what the situation was also seen. Director and staff with very low orientation in issue and with almost no experience in their own heads have tried to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Greg built a leading position with Susan similar experience in Asia, but this does not guarantee success. Each market is different and should therefore be well aware of the market to which the company wants to enter. In this case, the teams submit their proposals without deeper analysis. Determine the country in which they would need to enter and potential partners, but did not provide the basic pros and cons. If a company wants to succeed globally, they must look at all of your options in depth. Important is the choice of markets, analysis of environmental, cultural backgrounds and also a competitor analysis. These basic attributes were not met. I missed them because someone competent who could somehow coordinate the entire discussion.

If he wants to expand the DataClear well understand their existing strengths, future opportunities, threats and assess their real possibilities. DataClear should take into account their lack of experience and that the company is only 38 people, which is quite low for expansion. It would be necessary to invest not only in the entry, but also to the fact that all new members be able to pay, which would ultimately lead to losses. Entry to the market but they can not guarantee immediate success. Even if...
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