Databig Data and Future of Data-Driven Innovation

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  • Published: January 31, 2013
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DataBig Data and Future of Data-Driven Innovation
A. A. C. Sandaruwan
Faculty of Information Technology
University of Moratuwa
The section 2 of this paper discuss about real world
examples of big data application areas. The section 3
introduces the conceptual aspects of Big Data. The
section 4 discuss about future and innovations through
big data.

Abstract: The promise of data-driven decision-making is now being recognized broadly, and there is growing enthusiasm for the notion of ``Big Data.’’ Heterogeneity, scale, timeliness, complexity, and privacy problems with Big Data impede progress at all phases of the pipeline that can create value from data. Much data today is not natively in structured format; for example, tweets and blogs are weakly structured pieces of text, while images and video are structured for storage and display, but not for semantic content and search: transforming such content into a structured format for later analysis is a major challenge. The value of data explodes when it can be linked with other data, thus data integration is a major creator of value.

2. Big Data in the Real World
Big Data talks about this increasing amounts of data
available for companies that can be used to capture
value. In simplest terms, the phrase refers to the tools,
processes and procedures allowing an organization to
create, manipulate, and manage very large amounts of
data. It does not define how much is big; it depends on
the context, as what one company considers big could be
relatively small for another company. So this refers to
data that is large enough that our traditional tools will
struggle to handle not whether it’s terabytes or petabytes of data.

Since most data is directly generated in digital format today, we have the opportunity and the challenge both to influence the creation to facilitate later linkage and to automatically link previously created data. Data analysis, organization, retrieval, and...
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