Database System for Cinema

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Ah Chai Mini Cinema is a mini cinema. Even though it just a small cinema, but it gives the best service and provide quality movie at the good rate.

From our observations, the cinema has been using conventional filling system to store information about their customers, movies and tickets. It requires a lot of files to keep the data. When there are a lot of file, it is difficult for the librarians to search for the data when needed. This cause many problem arise, also it’s interfered their daily schedule and operations.

Therefore, they have requested us to develop a simple database for their administration purpose. They do not have to use the old way as the functions of the filling system only can store information about customers, movies and tickets in the cinema. After processing the record manually, the employee has to enter the data again after some time. It causes much work to be done and also waste the time.


Problem Statement

1.Conventional file database systems.
2.Too many information to handle, leads to complicated management. 3.Slow access to information to database.
4.Frequent data missing reported.
5.Numerous cases of data redundancy.


1.Movie length cannot be null and must exceed at least 1 minute. 2.One seat is only for one customer and cannot clash with other customer.


1.To create a system that can record all the data for Ah Chai Mini Cinema. 2.View and maintain data using form.
3.Searching data using query.
4.Generate report.


1.Upgrading the system from conventional filling system using database system. 2.Using Microsoft Access
3.Operating System : Window 7 Ultimate 32-bit ( 6.1, Build 7601) 4.Customers can view the movie according to the time they want. 5.Store cinema information details in database such as information about customers, movie, showing time and...
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