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Topics: Data modeling, Relational model, Data Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: February 11, 2013
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example uses| Database could be when people in the the Leisure centre inputs the data or make different query's like how much money they’ve made. This will speed up the process when working. It can store all the information for the activities and how many people attending specific classes. | advantages| A database can be really helpful for this business to grow in terms of: Customer & Service Analysis, Data Management, Reduce Costs & Time.Databases can also help businesses in maintaining the relationship between customers, by storing details like phone number and address and making sure that all the data have been store correctly by creating a validation rule.| disadvantages| People or staff assigned to input important information in the database may have a hard time and make multiple mistakes, which would result as invalid data and probably screw up the query's and other calculations conducted by the managers. | tables| A database is consisted in Tables; tables are basically rows or columns in a database where it shows different written information that have been put in the database. A database can have multiple Tables, making this very useful for the “Leisure centres” that have a black Table per Activity, Instructor names, class size etc.| records| In a database a record is a series of a data in a single row of a database that represents for example all information about a certain customer, products or service. Records can be really useful for the leisure centre when it comes to members and staff issues.| data types| Data type in a database can be understood as a Data type of format or to be more precise a data storage format. This one are essential in a database in order to store information with the right type of value and to run queries properly. * Text: text is one of the option that you can choose form the data type drop down list and it basically used when written and also number, for...
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