Database Management System Implementation Plan

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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Learning Team Assignment: DBMS Implementation Plan
Resource: Virtual Organization for Huffman Trucking
Write a 10-12 page plan for the implementation of an enterprise DBMS for Huffman Trucking. Assume that the Microsoft® Access Fleet Truck Maintenance Database listed on the Huffman Trucking intranet site has been implemented. Assume other departments within Huffman Trucking have stand-alone databases, at least one of which uses database software other than Microsoft® Access. Identify all of your assumptions. Your plan should discuss the details and features of the DBMS that would be implemented, problems that would be addressed by the system implementation, and issues that might be incurred during the system’s implementation.


With increasingly more data requiring to be saved, arranged, and accessed in an organization, the requirement to apply and use a good Database Management System (DBMS) has become essential. DBMS systems vary from an easy system for example Microsoft® Access to more complicated systems for example Structured Query Language (SQL) and Oracle. The aim of this analysis is to look into the existing procedures being utilized in Huffman Trucking since they relate with data storing, organization, and accessibility and then to suggest what DBMS system might meet the requirements of the organization.

This evaluation will start looking at the existing DBMS system being used by Huffman Trucking and determine the weaknesses and strengths of the existing process(s). After the research into the existing system is finished, our team will look at different DBMS systems to determine which system would be much better suited to Huffman Trucking. As soon as the DBMS system is determined, our team will show the details and characteristics of the suggested DBMS system which Huffman Trucking must look into to buy and implement. Finally, our team will suggest an agenda for applying the suggested DBMS system, determine which issues in the existing Huffman Trucking might be fixed by using the system, and determine problems which may be incurred during the system’s execution.

Requests, Analysis, and Responses

Company’s Request

When the organization was small, having the ability to monitor everything from truck repair and company staff was relatively simple but; since the company has expanded a requirement for a better system has developed. Huffman Trucking has turned to our company to examine their existing database procedures, determine the weaknesses and strengths of their existing database system, and suggest both an improved database system as well as methods the system may be applied in the organization.

Current Analysis for Huffman Trucking

About the Company: Huffman Trucking was established by K. Huffman in 1936, with a one semi-tractor trailer operation which has expanded to an operation which presently has more than eight hundred road tractors, more than 2,100 trailers, and more than 260 “roll-on/roll-off” units utilized to shift cargo off and on ships to their tractors. Presently the Company Office and Service Center is situated in Cleveland, OH, with other facilities in Los Angeles, CA, St. Louis, MO, as well as Bayonne, NJ. The organization employs more than 925 drivers as well as 425 support staff. The organization forecasts that they will carry on growing therefore requiring additional vehicles, drivers as well as staff.

Analysis of Current Database Processes

Huffman Trucking presently uses a number of different database systems to incorporate Microsoft® Access, MySQL, as well as Microsoft® Excel files. Microsoft® Access is used by the maintenance division to save, arrange, and access 2 different maintenance databases to incorporate: Entities and Attributes for Driver's Log and the Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance. MySQL is presently used by the Human Resource division to save, arrange and get access to information on all associates in the organization....
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