Database Management System

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  • Published : December 24, 2011
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How does a relational database organize data,and how does it differ from an object-oriented database? The rational database is the primary method for organzizing and maintain data today in information system. It organizes data in two-dimensional tables with rows and columns called elations. Eachtable contains data ab out an entity and its attributes. An entity relationship diagram graphically depicts the relationship between entities in a relations database. An object-oriented database management system stores data and procedures that act on the data as objects and it can handle multimedia as well as characters and numbers.

2-What are the principles of a database management system?
A DBMS consists of software that permits centralization of data management do that businesses have a single consists source for all their data needs. The principle capabilities of a DBMS includes a data definition capability, a data dictionary capability, and a data manipulation language.

3-What are the principal tools and technologies for accessing information from databases to improve business performance and decision making? A data warehouse consolidates current and historical data from many different operational systems in a central database designed for reporting and analysis. Data warehouse support miltimensional data analysis also knows as online analytical processing.Text mining tools help businesses analyze large unstructed data sets consisting of text. Web mining tools focus on analyzing useful patterns and information formo the world wide web,examining the structure of web sites,activites of web sire users,and the contents of web pages. Converntional databases can be linked to the web or a web interface to facilitate user access to an organization’s internal data.

4-What is the role of information policy and data administration in the management of organizational data resources? Developing a database environment requires policies and procedure for managing...
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