Database Design Research Paper

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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“A database is a tool for collecting and organizing information ("Database Basics", 2012).” This is the simplest definition of a database. A database can take many different forms, it can be an address book, a box of recipes, even a collection of business cards. For the purposes of this paper I will be referring to a database as the electronic version found on a computer, such as Microsoft Access. A database is made up of a collection of tables. These tables can be linked together to allow a user to make one search and pull all related material. In my workplace databases take many different forms. We have the employee database that keeps track of all of the employee data such as name, birthdate, address, etc. We have a client who provides us there customer database and we link customer documents to the files in the database. The database I use most often is one designed by the government. The database is used to search for documents and communication concerning environmental cleanup. It is my responsibility to make sure that when a user queries the database the correct information is produced. This database is a relational database. According to “What Are Relational Databases?” (2012), “Relational databases use tables to store information.” These tables can then be searched using queries to pull all relevant information. You may be wondering why you wouldn’t just use a spreadsheet instead. A database allows you to search for information in multiple columns at once. In a spreadsheet you can only search one column at a time. If you were trying to search your recipes for one that contained chocolate and rice it would be harder to search in a spreadsheet. You would first have to search for all recipes that contain one of the ingredients. You would then need to search those recipes for one that contained the second ingredient. A relational database could do that all at one time. With the database I use at work users are able to search for documents using a number of...
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