Data Table Analysis

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  • Published : June 27, 2010
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Data Table Analysis
W3 Assignment
ACC 542
June 21, 2010
Data Table Analysis
Data tables are essential to the success of Kudler Fine Foods. The information provided in these tables is available for the end user to determine how much inventory is available and to determine when to reorder inventory. If the information within a data table is incomplete, the information will not be of value to the end user. An evaluation, recommendations for improvement, pivot tables, and hierarchy of needs can improve decision-making for management. Evaluating the Design Elements. The design elements of the data tables provide limited information. The data is organized according to each company department and location by the general ledger codes. These codes differentiate by series per location, department, and item; for example, the first two digits (12) represent the La Jolla Company location, the next two digits (10) represent the bakery department, and the (00) represents the inventory item Rustic Baguette. All of La Jolla Company inventory is broken down into different departments according to the GL Code. The total amount of the inventory items lacks sufficient information. Additionally, the amounts of the total cost remaining of the inventory listed are not substantive for the end user to determine how much inventory is available (Apollo, 2004). Entity Relationship Diagram. The inventory table provided by Kudler Fine Foods can be illustrated according to the interrelationship between entities in a database. An entity relationship diagram illustrates the hierarchy of how information is by the end user (SEE Appendix A) presented by rectangles, ovals, diamonds, and connecting lines. The key entity is the Kudler Fine Foods, which maintains three locations, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Each location inventory item has a unique general ledger code to process information needed for a transaction sale. For example, the La Jolla...
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