Data Structure

Topics: Array data structure, Linked list, Abstract data type Pages: 4 (1235 words) Published: September 25, 2011
Data Structure
By Romeo Mesina

The basic principle of data structures is the computer’s ability to organize, retrieve and store data in its specific memory address. Some common types of data structures that are used in the real world include array, queue, stack, and linked list. Data structures are designed to manage information to suit particular programming so that it can work appropriately according to its designed purpose. Many algorithms have been developed for the purpose of working with data structure to sort data more efficiently. As a relevant topic for this report, I will discuss three common types of data structure to illustrate its use in a real world application.

The first type of data structure I would like to discuss which is very common in most high level programming languages is the use of stack. A stack is called a last-in first-out (LIFO) data structure which takes a form of a container that is particularly designed to operate in that circumstance .The elements of the stacks are inserted and remove only from the end of the container. This means that the last thing we added on the top is also the first thing that will get pulled off from the pile. As an example of how stacks works in real life, think of a deck of playing cards that is faced down on a table. Only the card that is on top of the deck is easily access. If we want to look at the top card, there are a couple of things that we can do, we could peek at it, but leave it on the top of the stack, or we can “pop” it off. When we pop it off the top of the deck, we are taking it off the stack, and if we want to add another card on the top of the stack, we “push” it to the stack. Therefore, if the last card we put on our stack of cards is a diamond, then the first card that we pulled from the top is that same diamond.

There are two main operations for the stack data structure, push() and pop(). The push operation puts an item is on top of the stack, increasing the stack size...
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