Data Structure

Topics: Sociology, Max Weber, Social sciences Pages: 40 (8241 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Department Of Sociology & Social Work
H.N.B.Garhwal University, Srinagar
Course : M.A (Sociology)
Semester: I
Sub Code| Title of The Course| Credit| Maximum- Marks| Soc-C-411| Introduction to Sociology| 3| 100| Soc-C-412| Classical Sociological Thinkers| 3| 100| Soc-C-413| Indian Society Traditation and Change| 3| 100| Soc-C-414| Research Methods and Techniques| 3| 100| Soc-C-415| Indian Social Problems| 3| 100| Soc-C-416| Social Anthropology| 3| 100|

Semester: II
Sub Code| Title Of The Course| Credit| Maximum- Marks| Soc-C-421| Indian Sociological Thought| 3| 100| Soc-C-422| Statistics and Social Research| 3| 100| Soc-C-423| Traditional Sociological Thinkers| 3| 100| Soc-C-424| Social Stratification| 3| 100| Soc-C-425| Sociology Of Environment| 3| 100| Soc-C-426| Social Psychology| 3| 100|

Semester: III
Sub Code| Title Of The Course| Credit| Maximum-Marks|
Soc-C-511| Classical Sociological Theory| 3| 100| Soc-C-512| Rural Sociology| 3| 100| Soc-C-513| Social Demography| 3| 100| Soc-E-514Soc-E-515| Social Movements ORSociology of Human Rights and duties| 3 3| 100 100| Soc-E-516Socio-E-517| Urban Sociology ORSociology of Peasantry| 3 3| 100 100| Soc-E-518Soc-E-519| Political Sociology ORHealth and Society| 3 3| 100 100|

Semester: IV
Sub Code| Title Of The Course| Credit| Maximum- Marks| Soc-C-521| Modern Sociological Theory| 3| 100| Soc-C-522| Sociology of Planning and Development | 3| 100| Soc-C-523| Project Report and Viva- Voce| 3| 100| Soc-E-524Soc-E-525| Women and Society ORReligion and Society| 3 3| 100 100| Soc-E-526Soc-E-527| Sociology of Crime ORSociology of Mass Communication| 3 3| 100 100| Soc-E-528Soc-E-529| Industrial Sociology ORSociology of Aging| 3 3| 100 100|

Syllabus for. M.A. (Sociology) Session 2010-2011 in the Semester System. M.A.(Sociology)
Paper — Ist
lntroduction to Sociology
Nature of Sociology: Definition, Sociological Perspectives: Basic Concepts Society, Community, Culture, Norms and Values. Unit—II
Social Structure and Social Groups: Structure, Status and Role : Their Interrelation, Multiple Roles, Role Set: Status Set) Role Conflict. Social Groups: Meaning and Types: Primary, Secondary, ingroup and Outgroup, Reference Group.

Social Institutions: Family, Education, Economy, Polity and Religion. Unit—IV
Social Processes: Socialization, Socal Stratification and Social Change Their Meaning, Forms and Types. Readings:
Berger, Peter (1963), Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective, New York, Doubleday. Bottomore, T.B. (1972), Sociology – A Guide to problems and Literature, Bombay: George Allen and Unwin. Davis, Kingsley (1981), Human Society, New Delhi: Surjeet Publications. Giddens, Anthony (1989), Sociology, Oxford University: Polity Press. Harlambos, M. (1998), Sociology – Themes and Perspectives, New Delhi: Oxford University Press. Inkeles, Alex (1987), What is Sociology? New Delhi: Prentice Hall. Jayaram, N. (1988), Introductory Sociology, Madras: McMillan India. Johnson Harry M. (1995), Sociology – A Systematic Introduction, New Delhi: Allied Publishers. Maclver, R.M. and H. Page (1974), Society – An Introductory Analysis, New Delhi : McMillan....
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