Data Projectors

Topics: Liquid crystal display, Digital Light Processing, Video projector Pages: 4 (1338 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Data Projectors
Amy Shipman
$50- $66,525
What is a data projector? It is “a device that projects computer output onto a white or silver fabric screen that is wall, ceiling or tripod mounted." The three most common types of data projectors are the LCD, DLP, and the LCoS. Each type of projector will project your audio and video, they just have different ways to process the output of your audio and video. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. This type of data projector has a light that shines through a color wheel. Once the light hits the color wheel it will then filter the light into the colors of red, blue, and green. From this color wheel the projector can create approximately 16.7 million colors. The light then shines onto a chip fixed with up to 2 million little mirrors. Electronic impulses will then turn on and off the mirrors depending on the color that needs to display at that moment. One color is shown at a time, but the colors are displayed so quickly they appear to blend into the correct color. This is a single chip DLP projector. The DLP projector was invented in 1987 by Dr. Hornbeck. He worked at Texas Instruments. There are 3 chip projectors also. With the three chip DLP projector, there is a chip for each of the three colors; red, blue and green. It is then reflected off of the mirrors and united together and passed through the lens of the projector. It then produces an image. An advantage of a three chip DPL is it eliminates the color wheel. Many theaters today use a 3 chip DPL. There are some 3 chip DPL’s that can create up to 35 trillion colors. The cost of a single chip DLP projector ranges from $338.99 to $1799. The three chip DLP projector cost anywhere from $15,995 to $36,979.

Another data projector is the LCD projector. With an LCD projector light passes through panels of liquid crystals. Each panel is for a different color; red, green, and blue. With these three panels approximately 16.7 million colors can...
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