Data Management

Topics: Normal distribution, Probability distribution, Assessment Pages: 4 (990 words) Published: February 25, 2013
 St. Andrew’s College
Mathematics Department Course Information for Students
 Credit Value:|  1.0|
 Prerequisites:|  Functions and Relations, Grade 11, University Preparation | | |
Teacher:| Lawrence DeMelloTeacher Contact Information:Office location: Mathematics Dept. Office Telephone: 905 727 3189
Teacher web site: PapaliaTeacher Contact Information:Office location: Mathematics Dept. Office Telephone: 905 727 3189
Teacher web site:    |  Text:| Mathematics of Data Management, McGraw-Hill Ryerson ISBN 0-07-552912-2     |  Rationale:| This course broadens students’ understanding of mathematics as it relates to managing data. Students will apply methods for organizing and analyzing large amounts of information; solve problems involving probability and statistics; and carry out a culminating investigation that integrates statistical concepts and skills. Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics. Students planning to pursue university programs in business, the social sciences, and the humanities will find this course of particular interest. |  Topics:| Unit Title| Content| Number of Hours|

Tools for Data Management| Iterative Process; Data Management Software; Databases; Simulations; Graph Theory| 12| Statistics of One Variable| Data Analysis with Graphs; Indices; Sampling Techiques; Bias in Surveys; Measures of Central Tendency; Measures of Spread| 12| Statistics of Two Variables| Scatter Plots & Linear Correlation; Linear Regression; Non-Linear Regression; Cause and Effect; Critical Analysis| 9| Permutations and Organized Counting| Organized Counting; Factorials and Permutations; Permutations with Some Identical Elements; Pascal’s Triangle;...
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