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Data Loggers

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Definition & How it Works.
What are data loggers? They are basically an electronic mechanism that records or measures a sample of physical and electrical parameters over a period of time. Most of them nowadays are based on computer or digital processor. Data loggers are small in terms of size, powered by batteries, equipped with a microprocessor, storage by internal memory and lastly, contain sensors to collect data. More and more fields today are using data loggers to record and measure data because if its efficiency. Chemists, civil engineers, geologists, and even breweries use data loggers to carry out their jobs. The data logger works by using their sensors to take readings at constant intervals of the environment that they are placed in. These could be a wide range of data such as humidity, temperature, water speed, electric voltage and many more. Sensors can be divided into two- digital and analogue. An ADC (Analogue-Digital Converter) has to be used if an analogue sensor is used to digitize the readings into a digital form for which the computer can comprehend. The data collected is transmitted by a cable or a wireless link to the data logger while the sensor is taking readings. These data are usually stored by the data logger for a span of time before sending it by bulk to a computer. Lastly, the computer which has the digital information will then analyse and process them. Advantages of Data loggers.

The data loggers can be used in certain remote and hazardous situations. For example data loggers can be placed at the bottom of a volcano to measure the heat given out so that predictions can be made if its about to erupt. Apart from that, data loggers can help to take accurate readings at the exact time interval. If a human is used in this task, there is a possibility that he/she will take the reading a little too early/too late. Apart from this, mistakes are not made when the readings are taken. Random errors such as parallax...

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