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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Graded Writing Assignment 1 – Data Commentary – Chart #5

According to a chart created by using the IMF DataMapper, the real per capita GDP of several Asian countries has risen since 2008 and will continue to rise. Despite this similarity, the Asian countries in the chart can be divided into four groups.

The data in the chart indicates that Malaysia is moderately distinguished among other Asian countries. Since 2008, it has become the highest per capita GDP of $14,000 that will increase with a similar trend in the future prediction. Second group of countries are China and Thailand which will be reached at the same level of per capita GDP middle of the 2013. However their growth rate will continuously increase in recent years. Exclusively, per capita GDP of China is expected to reach $12,000 in 2015 and considerably doubled to compare with in 2008. Moreover, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Philippines are considered as 3rd group’s countries. The growth rates of these countries will be assumed to stable until 2015. Eventually, last group of countries are Cambodia, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Also chart implies that these countries rate has changed slightly since 2008, whereas the GDP are still going to increase slowly hereafter.

Possible reason for the economic growth of the countries has extremely correlated with private consumption, gross investment, government finance, export and import. Other factors may also play important roles population. Indeed India whose economic development is slower than that of Indonesia, which is rapidly, increased its population growth. As per capita GDP indication about the economic growth it similarly implies that the higher rate of per capita GDP, the better the living standards of population in that country.

For Thailand and China and for Malaysia, the significance of their economic growth is the rise in income above the $6,000 per capita GDP line. This means that it is likely...
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