Data Collection and Analysis Grid

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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Data Collection and Analysis Grid

* Use the two articles assigned by your facilitator to identify the following data collection, analysis, and measurement elements for the studies. Limit each box to no more than three sentences. *

* | * Qualitative| * Quantitative|
* Data collection methods| * This qualitative study used a focus group interview as the main data collection method with a semi-structured design.| * The study employed an experimental pre-test/post-test comparison group design with random assignment of women to behavior counseling groups.| * Data collection instruments| * The focus group interviews were tape recorded and fully transcribed.| * Data collection instruments included the participants’ daily activity logs, the Stage of Exercise Behavior Change Questionnaire, and the use of biomarker testing for specific exercises such as: 1. The Rockport Fitness Walking Test to measure moderate or greater-intensity physical activity 2. A hand dynamometer to measure maximal grip effort as a biomarker for upper body strength 3. A timed sit to stand test used as a biomarker to measure lower body strength 4. The sit and reach test used as a biomarker to measure flexibility| * Accuracy and reliability of instruments used| * The accuracy and reliability of the instrument used in this study is fairly accurate as the data collected are 1st hand account from nursing staff as to why nursing interventions are being missed. * The use of NVivo, a qualitative analysis software, was also used. | * The accuracy and reliability of the instruments used are appropriate when as the data collected were able to capture the specific data pertaining to a specific type of exercise measurement that was to be obtained for the study. The authors also provided evidence of constructed validity and predictive criterion-related validity.| * Statistical or analytic methods| * The transcribed data was analyzed...
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