Data Collection and Analysis

Topics: Coca-Cola, Towel, Soft drink Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Data Collection and Analysis
The research project chosen was the comparison of the 12 ounce cans of Pepsi and Coke. The research team of five, individually purchased and tested 3 cans each of Pepsi and Coke. Enclosed below will be the procedure which was followed to obtain the data. The methodology used to measure the liquid was changed to accommodate the way that the tools recorded the measurements. The implications of the changes will be discussed to show that the integrity of the process was maintained. The data has shown some surprising results from both corporations. This will be shown in the data tables in an easily read format. While the tests were conducted in various parts of the country, every precaution was taken to make sure that the tests were accurate and reliable. Material and Procedures

In the study to verify the amount of soda contained in a can of Pepsi and Coke there were specific procedures that the research team had to follow to collect that data. The materials used by the five researchers were: •A Pyrex measuring cup that holds 2 cups of liquid

Mailing scale
A pen and paper
A 6 pack of Pepsi cans
A 6 pack of Coke cans
Labels number Coke 1, Coke 2, Coke 3, Pepsi 1, Pepsi 2, Pepsi 3 •Paper towels
A web site to transform ounces into milliliters After gathering the materials used to verify the amount of soda that a can of Coke or Pepsi contained the five researchers followed 13 steps to collect the data. 1.Label three cans of Coke with numbers.

2.Label three cans of Pepsi with numbers.
3.A Pyrex measuring cup was placed on a flat surface.
4.On a piece of paper two columns were made, one for Coke samples and one for Pepsi samples. 5.Each column was labeled one, two and three.
6.Each soda can was observed.
7.The ounces and milliliters shown on the can of soda were recorded under the sample number. 8.Each unopened can of soda was individually weighed on a mailing...
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