Data Analysis Descriptine Statistics

Topics: Histogram, Skewness, Mean Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: June 30, 2009

Data Analysis Using Descriptive Statistics
Marissa Navar

University of Phoenix
Research and Evaluatiion I
Richard A. Stanley
June 28, 2009

Data Analysis Using Descriptive Statistics
The Histogram chart shows the measurement of frequency in home buyers. It shows what home buyers are willing to spend in today’s current economy. The histogram explains although the economy is in a bad state that some home buyers are not willing to go under or above their original price range no matter what special features they are looking for.

In our research we wanted to know what home buyers were looking for when purchasing a home or what were in some of the homes that were selling in the economy at today’s state. We believed that it’s important to understand and know what buyers are looking for and what’s important to them for the sake of the economy. The histogram shows the median in home buyers where the frequency is high. This means that at the frequency of 11 home buyers are willing to spend 233550 on a home, although the chart does not show the exact things home buyers are looking for when purchasing a home it’s obvious at 233550, whatever comes with a home in such areas, this is what most individuals are looking for. It can also be argued that at a lower frequency many home buyers are not willing to spend in the price ranges of 139900 and 186725 and it is safe to say that it doesn’t matter what features comes with these homes its obviously not the heightened picks for home buyers.

With all of our research and data analysis we did get an answer for our problem statement but at the same time we believe it is a problem statement that can always have more research. We did get enough data so that we can have enough information to put our data together and investigate what buyers want and what they look for when they are looking for a home. This information...
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