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The concepts of sustainability began to form in the 1970s when there was much discussion at various forums concerning economic development and its impact on the environment and humankind. There was widespread acceptance that economic development should be sustainable, that is, having little negative impact on the earth and humans (especially, our future generations). At present, many consider this to be a theoretical ideal. In reality, sustainable development cannot be achieved within a short time frame. More likely, it is a long-term goal. Corporate sustainability reporting originated in the early 1990s, when some companies, mainly large multinationals in many countries, began to disclose, in their annual reports, the environmental and social impacts of their operations. In the mid- 1990s, it became common for companies to report on their social performance(Dillard 2004). Today, sustainable development is expected by society. Therefore, society also expects companies, governments, non-government organisations and other entities to provide sustainability performance information so that it can evaluate whether their operations are sustainable. The three elements of sustainability, that is, economic, environmental and social are linked to one another, particularly in the long term. For instance, in the short term, a company may be able to continue its business while neglecting the negative impacts of its operations on the environment and humankind. However, in the long term, the negative impacts could be so severe and destructive that the earth can no longer support human life. When humans become extinct, there will be no one to operate the companies, nobody to buy and sell the companies’ products and services and also no one to manage the social systems, such as, banking, transport and law and order. Therefore, in the long term, in order to achieve economic and social sustainability, environmental sustainability is necessary. In this research paper we are going to discuss how critical sustainability is in growing businesses.

This study aims to examine the impact of sustainability on the growing businesses. We also are going to examine the importance level of sustainability in growing businesses.

The research objectives of this are summarized as follow: To examine the level of disclosure of economic performance information, environmental performance information, social performance information and sustainability performance information in the sustainability reports prepared by growing business In this research paper we are going to discuss that sustainable business practices lead to better business performance in the market and it helps growing business to make more money and have a better position in today’s rapid market. We are also going to examine that sustainable business practice result in enhancing business reputation and opening of new markets.

Quantitative research method has been used for this study. In quantitative research method we gathered or in other words we generate data for statistical reviews.

In this study we have used simple random sampling to select companies from our population. Based on the simple random sampling all the companies have equal chance of selection. We have selected 100 companies and information form these companies have been used in this study.

Survey Method:
For this study we have used questionnaire. This questionnaire consists of 15 questions. All the participants were asked to complete the...
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