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The Title of My Project

Methaq Alabidy

Submitted to: Professor Robert

SE571 Principles of Information Security and Privacy

Keller Graduate School of Management

Date : 10/19/2012

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Security Vulnerabilities
A hardware and policy
Recommended Solutions
A Hardware and ploicy soulotion



Executive Summary
The purpose of the report is to assist Aircraft Solutions (AS) in indentifying the most significant Information Technology (IT) security vulnerabilities. AS products and services are at the forefront of the industry and the protection of such is very important as they are an industry leader. The vulnerabilities that will be discussed are the firewall configuration, virtualization of their hardware assets and defining security policy regarding the timeliness of firewall configuration and updates.

Company Overview

Aircraft Solutions, headquarters located in San Diego, California develop and fabricate products and services for companies in the electronic, commercial, defense and aerospace industries. AS is made up of two (2) different divisions, the Commercial Division and the Defense Division. The Commercial Division is located in Chula Vista, CA and the Defense Division is located in Santa Ana, CA. AS company strategy is to offer low cost design and computer aided modeling packages to companies and assists them through the lifecycle of their product in an effort to save money for the consumer while profiting from their business.

Two Security Vulnerabilities

Hardware vulnerabilities.
According to the network infrastructure diagram, we can see that there are 5 servers, 2 routers, 1 switcher, and 1 firewall. Each one of those servers is operate by a specific department, and all of those servers are connected to the main database server.The connection between each department’s server to the main database server take place without any access list or server, and that mean that any department’s user could access through his/her department’s server (the one that he/she has authorize to) to the main database server. As threat, each user could access to the others department database( which he/she unauthorized to) which is storage at the main database server . Through hacking software he/she could capture a username and password for database server administer. The risk of this action is lead to delete, modify, or spy on information at the database server. The consequences of this act will make the company loss money and time, and that lead to loss costumers. Policy vulnerabilities.

AS's security policy identifies that all firewalls and routers rules are evaluated every two years. Industry standard for firewall re-evaluation is on average 12 months or less depending on the state of the Firewall's. According to Microsoft "The only periodic maintenance required is the replacement of the licenses for the firewall engines on the management station every 12 months, depending on the environmental conditions within the data center" (Northrup) or as soon as a new patch is released by the software manufacturer.

Setting policy to only have the updates take place every two years can quickly outdate your system, leaving AS's system vulnerable to new threats. The threats to the Firewall are similar to what was identified in the Hardware Vulnerability Assessment in the previous section. A misconfigured/outdated Firewall poses a significant risk in that it can be easily exploited with little to no effort. New software patches allow a system update to ensure it's protected against predefined threats that have already been identified and the updates will provide the security features needed to mitigate the risk.

Recommended Solutions
A Hardware and ploicy soulotion

Writable Domain Controllers (WDC) can perform all read/write operations on the Active...
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