Dashman Company

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  • Published : June 25, 2009
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Dashman Company and Mr. Post.

"Be the Change" – Barrack Obama

It is wonderfully satisfying to notice that how one of the punch lines of one of the most successful presidential campaigns of recent history, can so appropriately and so succinctly describe one of the events that happened as early as in the first part of the bygone century. Mr Manson, the president of the Dashman company - which was going through a temporary problem of procuring the vital raw materials for its production stage, hired an experienced professional in Mr Post, empowered him to be the change leader, in a hope that he'd be able to drive the change and take the firm ahead. And Mr Post, through his actions - which might have made a perfect sense in his previous company and which probably would have achieved the desired results in his old professional setup, eventually ended up in setting up a bad precedent in the Dashman company as some of Mr Post's purchasing executives, for want of time, were forced to falsely concede to the proposal made by Mr Post.

Had I been in shoes of Mr Post, my first steps would have been aimed at justifying my immediate purpose of existence in the Dashman Company - i.e. to ensure that the problem related to the purchase of essential raw materials gets over as quickly as possible. This would also have been a fantastic opportunity to return and re-affirm the faith that Mr Manson had shown in my abilities of being an experienced purchasing executive. Following would have been the steps taken by me :

Meeting the purchasing executives and knowing the nature, frequency and magnitude of the business transactions with the vendors and suppliers that they frequently do business with.

I would have tried to inform the purchasing executives and other stakeholders in the division that the problem regarding the procurement of raw materials is a temporary one and being in this business for so long, I can assure you that such problems do not last very long.

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