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Michael Mina's Environmental Analysis
In San Francisco, Michael Mina restaurant is famous for its delicious food and beverage service. As one of the most well-known fine dining food service establishments, Michael Mina's strategic development relies on its own unique conditions. Environmental analysis is essential for company development because the environmental analysis can provide detailed information for companies to understand what they should focus on in order to make more profit. First of all, Michael Mina has excellent geographical location in San Francisco. Normally, the restaurant’s location will be based on the economic situation around. San Francisco is considered Silicon Valley and it is an important economic hinterland in the California and United States. The development of economy increases people's income so that people have the economic ability to enjoy life. Michael Mina restaurant is located at Financial District and downtown of San Francisco. This perfect area brings a continuous wave of guests to the restaurant. In addition, San Francisco is one of the world famous tourist attractions, every year millions of visitors come to visit from all over the world. San Francisco is famous for food as well as the diverse neighborhoods. Usually, a good restaurant such as Michael Mina will become a great tourist attraction for people who travel here. Such as Michael Mina restaurant, the cuisine features are sensibilities with Japanese ingredients and a French influence. The dinner menu is à la Carte with the option to have the chef cook for your table. The menu also features items designed for the table to share. As a result, these provide broad potential customers to Michael Mina. Michael Mina group focuses on fine dining. As a Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco, it leads the fine dining industry of San Francisco and bay area to a high level. Secondly, customers can enjoy the excellent service and its classical and delicious food...
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