Daryl Atkins

Topics: Mental retardation, Criminology, High school Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Daryl Atkins

Daryl Atkins was born in a small town called Hampton, Virginia. He was the oldest of many siblings and they all seemed to look up to their big brother. Unfortunately, by the time Daryl was seven years old his parents got a divorce. This paid a toll on the family financially. When Daryl’s father left, his mother picked up a second job to be the breadwinner of her large family.

Daryl had many significant issues academically. He flunked out of the third grade twice. He then made his way through the rest of elementary school and middle school barley scraping by. His grades consisted mostly of D’s and F’s, and the occasional C. By the time he reached high school, a teacher noticed his extreme struggles with the easiest assignments. She took it upon herself to teach Daryl more simple and useful things he could utilize in the real world. She taught him simple everyday uses like reading a menu and reading road signs.

During his freshman year in high school, he played on the football team. Despite his abilities to run fast and catch, he was kicked off the team. The coach kicked him off because he was incapable of learning the plays and he couldn’t decipher his left from his right. Everything went downhill from there. He made a close connection to his neighbor, William Jones, who was eight years older than he. Atkins looked up to Jones because he lacked a father figure, but Jones was a terrible person to look up to. He got into drugs during this time. He smoked marijuana, drank alcohol, and did crack. He had also participated in a string of robberies at this point. By the time he was 18, and in the tenth grade, he dropped out of school with no job and no plan for the future.

On August 16, 1996, Atkins and Jones went into a nearby 7/11 with a barrowed shotgun. They were planning to rob the convenient store until they spotted Airmen Eric Nesbit. They watched Nesbit walk to his truck and they forced themselves inside when Nesbit got in. Jones drove...
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