Darwin on Natural Selection

Topics: Evolution, Natural selection, Charles Darwin Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: February 28, 2013
In Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” the reader is introduced to evolution by way of Natural Selection, Artificial Selection, and Sexual Selection. The process of evolution is seen in species that undergo changes over long periods of time by adapting characteristics which will better suit them to their environments. By utilizing a combination of both hypothetical imagery and scientific observation, Darwin has developed a persuasive argument intended to shed light on the origins of life. Natural Selection

Natural selection is understood as the evolutionary process by which organisms capable of successfully adapting to their environment have a greater chance of survival. The survival of a species is dependent on whether or not the organism has been able to reproduce. The equation is quite simple; the longer an organism stays alive, the greater its chance for reproduction, passing along the same advantageous traits. Evolution tends to favor the species that are most capable of adapting to their environments, leaving the stragglers for extinction. Adaptations chosen by Natural Selection can be seen in a variety of forms. The ability for both predator and prey to camouflage in their habitat is a prime example of characteristics chosen by Natural Selection. A gazelle who has adapted longer legs will run faster, making an easy escape from his predators. With a better chance for survival, this gazelle is more likely to reproduce offspring whom will share the adapted trait. Artificial Selection

Natural Selection is nature’s way of selecting those species best suited to their environment; however, human consciousness carries the capacity to change the direction of this process. We refer to human intervention in this manner as Artificial Selection. Artificial Selection is the process in which humans identify desirable traits within a species and breed to develop a new population. By isolating characteristics, breeders are able to produce entire...
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