Darwin's Nightmare

Topics: Tanzania, Nile, Lake Victoria Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Darwin’s Nightmare can be described as an allegory presenting a world of super powers and their greed to steal, destroy and kill. It is not only the story of Eastern Congo alone, but an eye opener to the imperialistic interest of some “war lords” in the natural resources of some endowed nations that are considered lesser power. Examples of such are nations like Iraq, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, or Sierra- Leone. The endless conflicts are often described as tribal or religious, but the underlying factors are always there but ignored. Crude oil, fish, diamonds, bananas, the natural resources of the land have become a central theme attracting various characters, which knowingly or unknowingly have played their roles towards achieving a goal. These characters are real people, doing their jobs and duties, as a cargo pilot, orphaned street children, teenage Tanzanian prostitutes, local fishermen. They are contributors to an interwoven complexity of a plot with an ultimate goal. That goal is exploitation and corruption.

The intents of Hubert Sauper the director of Darwin’s Nightmare may not be totally clear or explicit enough but yet they have brewed up a controversy, and a discourse concerning important issues, that need global attention. This documentary as seen from the perspective of Tanzanians who live and work in Mwanza City is inaccurate, sensational and lacking objectivity. A discussion on Darwin’s Nightmare in Absolute Astronomy.com went further to inform us that, in 2006, the Zanzibar film and cultural film festival declined to screen Darwin’s Nightmare, it was also reported that Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete spoke against the film in public and has also ordered an inquiry on the impact of the film, (if any) on Tanzanians fishing trade and tourism.

Les Kaufman, Professor of Biology in the Marine Program at Boston University was one of the chief scientific advisors for the film. He has also researched the biology and fisheries of Lake Victoria...
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