Darlings Chocolate

Topics: Legal entities, Types of companies, Business law Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Why do you think colonel Darling chose sole trader as a form of business organization and when and why might his company have become a partnership. Joshua Darling was a retired army colonel, who returned after the army to Liverpool, where he was born, opened a chocolate factory and set up his own business as a sole trader in July 1933. Why colonel Darling chose a sole proprietorship as a form of business organization? First of all, a sole proprietorship was suitable for his nature as he could be his own boss, lead and motivate people, make independent decisions and be entirely responsible for all aspects of the management of his business. Secondly, after returning from the army to Liverpool, he didn’t have any person to trust in and to help. Thirdly, a sole proprietorship can be set up with little or no money in the business and there are no legal formalities to establish the company. Besides, sole proprietor is not subject to public report and the books reflecting the results of his business were private and competitors wouldn’t use it to their advantages. The colonel’s decision to open the factory came at a time of high unemployment and economic slowdown in Liverpool. Darling used it to his advantages. There was no difficulty in hiring suitable workers, so he could economize paying low wages. Also there was no difficulty for Darling to entry the market. Sales figure showed that his chocolate was the country’s number one choice and almost half the company’s production of the brand was exported. Why was Darling so successful with his chocolate business? The chocolates were of the highest quality and contained only the finest ingredients. And the reason why Darling decided to start a chocolate factory is that he was unsatisfied with the quality of it. That is why, when his wife came out with the idea to establish a chocolate factory he took this opportunity. In 1940 Darling changed the form of his business and entered partnership with his son-in-law who...
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