Dark Romantic Use of Poetic Techniques

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Short story, Romanticism Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Frantic Heart
“My worst thoughts, the, were confirmed. The Blackness of eternal night encompassed me. I struggled for breath.” (Poe). One can barely stand being alone, blinded by the darkness in a place one knows, imagine somewhere that one is completely clueless of what lays ahead! This quote describes how the narrator from the pit and the pendulum feels that the darkness that completely surrounds the narrator oppress and suffocate the narrator. Besides the “Pit and The Pendulum” by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Devil and The Tom Walker” by Washington Irving focus the story around the main character committing mistakes, and whether the main character fix them or inevitably leads to their death. Both stories share dark romantic characteristics that exemplify dark romantic genre. While both “The Pit and the Pendulum” and “The Devil and Tom Walker” exemplify the genre of dark romantic, each story is unique in its use of dark romantic characteristics to establish a suspenseful mood.

Both stories begin with an eerie setting to draw the reader into a suspenseful moo. In “The Devil and Tom Walker” tom decides to walk alone in a “…ill-chosen route. The swamp was covered with great gloomy pines and hemlocks… It was full of pits and quagmires. Partly covered with weeds and mosses, where the green surface often betrayed the traveler into a gulf of black…” (Irving). This quote describes the loneness and creepiness of the forest as Tom walks alone in the forest, making the forest a threatening environment. The reader then has the expectation that in a threatening environment like that, something bad will happen; keeping the reader on full alert. On the other hand “The pit and The Pendulum” eerie setting is in a dark ominous cell in which the narrator is jailed in during the inquisition. The cell is completely dark, giving of a threatening environment since the looming threat of torture by the inquisitors lie ahead. Even though the environment is threatening the narrator behaves...
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