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Topics: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Psychological trauma, Crisis Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Crisis Management
Daria Aradio
University Of Phoenix
Tracy Andrews

Crisis Management
Communication drastically can change during times of mass trauma, a disaster, or even a personal crisis. This paper will review the dynamics of how communication change, look at three ways to reduce stressors, and how to resolve communication challenges. A definition of crisis is any stressful event that occurs in an individual’s life that become threatening, this stress becomes a crisis when the individual who longer can cope and manage the stress (Boggs & Arnold, 2011, p. 415). What amounts to a crisis is different for each individual, and is a normal acute response of an individual when introduced to severely abnormal conditions (Boggs & Arnold, 2011, p. 415). When a person is in a crisis situation his or her communication becomes affected. In times of crisis whether its personal, a natural disaster or mass trauma, its normal for that individual to experience a strong emotional or physical reaction following the event. This reaction may not happen right away; sometimes the reaction to the traumatic event can appear in a few hours or days or even weeks later, and the effects of a crisis can last hours, days, and even years. Every person will have a unique reaction to an event, and no two individuals will experience the same reaction. Some of the signs and symptoms of people who are exposed to a traumatic event find their safety and security to be threatened (The American Academy Of Experts In Traumatic Stress, 2006, para. 4). Physical and emotional reactions greatly can reduce and prevent an individual from communicating effectively. Some examples of these symptoms are, • Feelings of intense anxiety, and emotions such as pain, fear anger, grief shock, and horror. • Unable to express feelings, detachment, denial of the situation or disconnected. • Feelings of impending doom, depression, and hopelessness....
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