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As we know childhoods are always a beautiful time. Everybody has different ways to enjoy their childhoods, but I think the majority love to read comic books. I asked myself “why do I like to read comic books and why would I like to be a character in comic books?”, and that question didn’t have an answer until when I read Wonder Woman in Mc. Graw-Hill Reader. When we were children we always had a role model that we admired and did things like what that character did such as flying, fighting with evil or being invisible. After read Wonder Woman, I’ve remembered a robotic cat named Doraemon in Japanese comic books which I read most of the time when I was a child. Have to say that the book was similar to Wonder Woman. The lifestyles of these two characters were the same. He was robotic had a lot magic, but that magic was just for helping people and bringing peace. Wonder Woman has brought Gloria Steinem success and popularity. She, like many kids, loved to read comic books and because of that she discovered Wonder Woman as her role model. She changed people’s mind that female can be superheroes, not just males. Wonder Women became the first female superhero in the male-dominated world of comic books (594). Wonder Woman originally appeared in the issue of DC Comics (600). She was strong, agile, intelligent, and brave. That made her story well welcomed. Wonder Woman challenged gender stereotypes, and demonstrated that women could rescue people from imminent danger, and fight for justice. Wonder Woman had a different style than other characters in comic books. She pursued her enemies, who were typically villains threatening America or seeking to subvert peace. She had an eye for reform rather than vengeance. Her weapons were just a golden lasso, bullet-deflecting bracelets, and Amazonian agility, not guns or a tendency for violence. Wonder Woman was a role model for young girls, encouraging them to compete and win in a man's world without ever surrendering...

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