Daoism Paper

Topics: Taoism, Laozi, Chinese philosophy Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Daoism Paper

Daoism is a philosophical theory developed by Lao-tzu advocating a simple honest life and noninterference with the course of natural events. There are some images that come to mind when one thinks of Daoism, such as simplicity, nature, and harmony. When I think of Daoism I think of Winnie the pooh, Ying Yang, and the painting of the 3 sages. These images are the epitome of Daoism, and replicates what Daoism is all about.

Ying Yang is a universal symbol of harmony. Ying Yang is also a simplistic design that represents Daoism, and its harmonious and simplistic ideas. Ying is dark and Yang is light, they are opposites of each other and together they are harmonious. Within the black there is a white dot and within the white there is a black dot. This represents that everything is not pure in nature. For example, good is not purely good it has some evil within. Ying Yang is the embodiment of Daoism and I believe its idea of opposites together are harmonious.

One of the basic principles of Taoism is P'U (Pooh), the Uncarved Block. The essence of the Uncarved Block is that things in their original simplicity contain their own natural quintessence, which can be lost when things are too complex. This principle applies to everything, including people as well. When one gets rid of complexity and over excessive of knowledge, you will discover that simple, childlike, inexplicable joy that life can bring. Pooh is the very Epitome of the Uncarved Block. Winnie the Pooh is about this little bear that wanders around asking silly questions, making up songs, and going through all kinds of adventures, without ever accumulating any amount of knowledge or losing his simpleminded happiness. He represents an image of Daoism through his simplistic and simpleminded ways. Pooh does things with little knowledge involved in completing his tasks because of this he enjoys the childlike, inexplicable joy life can bring. This in turn represents the principle of Daoism...
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